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Natural Gas and Electricity!

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  Alternative-ESCO is an energy management company and consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive energy solution to all commercial, industrial, municipal, and private industry clientele. Alternative-ESCO market initiative is to bring energy solutions to pre-qualified clients that meet the client’s objectives and aide in overall cost reduction.     Alternative-ESCO makes a difference and here is how we do it: ✓  ReviewRead the Rest…

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I save money by choosing a competitive natural gas and electric supplier? Depending on where you live, you may be able to save money by switching natural gas and electric suppliers. Since rate caps have expired, the number of competitive natural gas and electric suppliers offering services to residential and small business customers has increased in most service territories.Read the Rest…

NYMEX Settlement History

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Most don’t realize how Natural Gas pricing effects daily Electric pricing. At Alternative-ESCO, we believe that the most effective, economical way to purchase Natural Gas is with a “NYMEX +” pricing model, by adding an adder to the already published price for each month, give customers a way to see (with “TRANSPARENCY” ) their monthly rates. A company with “minimalRead the Rest…

" the company that sells transparency"